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NHS England has extended central funding of email-to-SMS services for primary care organisations using NHSmail, after the Department...

19 Dec 2014

Plans to end central funding of email-to-SMS services for NHSmail2 will “go down like a lead balloon” with GPs, a primary...

14 Jul 2014

A managed email framework tender worth £120m - £350m for the procurement of NHSmail2 has been released. EHI reported...

26 Feb 2014

The business case for NHSmail2 is worth up to £20m a year and has been approved by a sub-group of the national health...

25 Nov 2013

All NHSmail inboxes are being doubled in size as part of a refresh programme by NHS England. NHS England's chief technology officer...

06 Nov 2013


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EHI news editor Rebecca Todd speaks to NHS England’s chief technology officer Alex Abbott about changing the way the NHS manages and...

05 Sep 2013

Rolls-Royce spends half its R&D budget on refining the construction process for its products. Dr John Lockley thinks the NHS should...

15 Aug 2013

The Eyecare Integration Project, which lets Scottish optometrists refer patients to hospital electronically, was one of the winners...

13 May 2013

Our GP columnist is surprised to find that a review of NHSmail is underway – and that nobody seems to be asking users what they want...

18 Sep 2012

EHI Primary Care’s GP columnist thought the start of the year was quiet – until he made a list of all the IT developments under way...

14 Feb 2012


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This week’s EHI Video Diary follows Sean Riddell through a month of being the managing director of Emis.

06 Jan 2010


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