19 April 2014 02:49


The Health and Social Care Information Centre has launched a steering group to “help guide” its possible use of pseudonymisation at source for care.data.
9 April 2014

The Health and Social Care Information Centre approved 459 data releases to 160 organisations between April and December last year, an audit report reveals.
3 April 2014

Plans for £230m GP IT spend released

3 April 2014

Morecambe delivers digital letters

2 April 2014

Stevens calls for change on first day

1 April 2014

Poole upgrades CareCentric

27 March 2014

Focus on integration for 'tech fund 2'

26 March 2014


The head of IM&T strategy at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust saw the end of two years’ work when the trust went live with its Allscripts EPR last year, but is still super-busy. Lis Evenstad talks to her.
17 April 2014

Aintree University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has taken a unique approach to scanning its paper records – and carried off an EHI Award into the bargain. Paul Curran reports.
15 April 2014


EHI Primary Care Issue 462, 2 April 2014 Sixteen suppliers of GP IT systems sign up to a new GP Systems of Choice framework, but not TPP, which is still talking to the Health and Social Care Information Centre.

EHI Primary Care Issue 461, 26 March 2014

EHI Primary Care Issue 460 19 March 2014

EHI Primary Care Issue 459 12 March 2014

Primary Care Issue 457 26 February 2014

Primary Care

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust has completed its pilot of Connect and Share, an extension to Burnbank’s Image Exchange Portal, and has now begun a full implementation.
16 April 2014

NHS England has unveiled details of the 20 GP projects that will benefit from the £50m Challenge Fund to improve access to primary care.
15 April 2014

Scotland's NHS 24 has delayed the deployment of its £27m patient contact and triage management system indefinitely, just weeks before going live with NHS 111.
14 April 2014

TPP launches Mobile Working

17 February 2014

DH looking to extend support for XP

14 February 2014

220 applications to Nursing Tech Fund

13 February 2014

Treasury approves £168m for NHSmail2

13 February 2014

Crisis of confidence in care.data - RCGP

12 February 2014

Survey shows readers wary on care.data

11 February 2014

Scottish clinicians get KIS via portal

10 February 2014

Enter the EHI Awards 2014

10 February 2014

Davies departure leaves 'clinical hole'

10 February 2014

Ortivus wins £10m ambulance contract

10 February 2014

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News in brief
North Middlesex and 6PM launch HIV IT system

The North Middlesex University Hospital and 6PM have launched a new IT system designed to improve the care and experience of HIV patients. CareSolutions Climate-HIV allows doctors and nurses to see test results and the patient’s history, prescribe medication, document events and write letters to GP’s within one system. Previously, they would have used a combination of paper records and various older IT products. It was invented by HIV and infectious diseases consultant Dr AchimSchwenk and is based on an in-house product he introduced in 2005, but which has been completely redesigned with 6PM.


27 November 2012

Netcall called up for award

Netcall has been given a 'highly commended' award in the 'improving productivity' category of the Building Better Healthcare Awards for its Appointment Management Cycle product, which has been designed to cut 'did not attends' and improve clinic utilisation.

27 November 2012

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