22 September 2014 11:12

NHS England will use “carrots and sticks” to get trusts to comply with data standards and infrastructure requirements, says Tim Kelsey.
19 September 2014

Data transparency site launched

22 September 2014

Devon to get integrated care record

19 September 2014

NHS E to publish telehealth toolkit

15 September 2014

NHS E cuts jobs but boosts analytics

11 September 2014

Care.data pilots to be chosen 'shortly'

10 September 2014

Cumbria is on its way to paper-lite using a range of technology approaches, including the implementation of an ‘air-traffic control’ system. Lis Evenstad went to have a look.
18 September 2014


Neil Paul values user review sites; as long as he knows something about the people doing the reviewing. The NHS’ online feedback sites need to adopt some of the same thinking, he suggests.
17 September 2014

Primary Care

Emis is using the Apple HealthKit platform to create a personal health record that is integrated with its Emis Web GP and clinical system.
18 September 2014

Personal digital health technologies could replace the traditional healthcare systems in the way that electricity made candles obsolete, health entrepreneur Ali Parsa has claimed.
16 September 2014

The Health and Social Care Board in Northern Ireland is leading a €5.5m European project to help people live independently through the use of technology.
16 September 2014

Emis reports "organic growth"

11 July 2014

Dr Joanne Bailey to chair GPES group

8 July 2014

Barnsley GPs get 24 hour booking system

7 July 2014

Scotland aims for £10m telehealth fund

7 July 2014

Scale of data release to police revealed

3 July 2014

SCR reaches 40m patients

2 July 2014

Leeds shared record suppliers named

30 June 2014

Hunt calls for shared records and data

27 June 2014

BMA votes for care.data opt-in

25 June 2014

Penalise lack of EPRs - report

20 June 2014

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News in brief
iCaps Comparisons supports clinical commissioning

A new efficiency tool, iCaps Comparisons, has been launched to provide clinicial commissioners with information on the quality and cost of services directly to GP desktops so they can be used at the point of referral. The company says this will enable GPs to maximise quality and choice for patients, while ensuring value for money. The tool can also be used by commissioners to benchmark the quality and cost of care across providers.

19 March 2013

Salisbury phone follow-up saves 200 visits a year

Specialist urology nurses at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust have set up nurse-led telephone follow up appointments for patients with lower urinary tract symptoms that have reduced hospital visits by 200 a year. Patients reportedly prefer the new service because it is more convenient than visiting the hospital.


10 January 2013

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