31 July 2014 04:20

NHS England has issued an invitation to tender for organisations wanting to become genomic centres for its project to sequence 100,000 genomes.
31 July 2014

Bristol CCG extends telehealth contract

30 July 2014

Open source survey launched

28 July 2014

HSCIC data lab details in November

24 July 2014

NHS England seeks head of intelligence

21 July 2014

King's Fund warns of "cracks" in system

17 July 2014


The chief information officer of Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust arrived from global pharma with a remit to transform its IT operations. Sam Sachdeva talks to her.
30 July 2014


GP Neil Paul wonders why the NHS doesn’t provide free wi-fi for all its staff; and has some ideas for generating enough income to provide free wi-fi for visitors and patients.
22 July 2014

Primary Care

Nearly 300 families are using Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust’s electronic version of the Redbook children’s health record.
29 July 2014

The Breaking Free Online programme is to be piloted in prisons, as part of a government ‘virtual campus’ to give prisoners access to life and employment skills.
29 July 2014

The Information Commissioner’s Office is examining why insurance companies are requesting patients’ full medical records from GP practices instead of using standard procedures to obtain relevant information.
28 July 2014

BMA votes for care.data opt-in

25 June 2014

Penalise lack of EPRs - report

20 June 2014

HSCIC review finds data release 'lapses'

17 June 2014

Interoperability important for tech fund

17 June 2014

HSCIC chooses N3 aggregators

13 June 2014

Open data could add £216bn to UK economy

12 June 2014

Survey confirms telehealth ignorance

11 June 2014

Surrey pilots telehealth for depression

5 June 2014

Emis gives pharmacists GP record access

2 June 2014

GPs call for patient opt-in to care.data

29 May 2014

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News in brief
Lloyds Pharmacy deploys touchscreen kiosks

Cammax Group, which provides touch screen kiosks to retailers, health services and other industries, has been working on a project with Lloyds Pharmacy that will see its Protouch kiosks deployed in its premium stores. The aim is to meet a 'growing demand' for self-service systems.

20 November 2013

New director of Institute of Digital Healthcare announced

Professor Sadhesh Kumar, who was recently appointed as the deputy dean of Warwick medical School, has been appointed as the new director of the Institute of Digital Healthcare, which is a partnership between the NHS Midlands and East, WMG and the medical school that aims to improve health and wellbeing through digital services. In his latest job, he will lead a new team, drawing on engineering and imaging, and well as informatics.

13 November 2013

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