31 July 2014 18:33

Industry view

The head of Cisco in the UK and the chairman of the government’s Technology Strategy Board believes that digital health is key to the future wellbeing of the NHS – and the UK economy.
31 July 2014

A year after the chief executive of IMS MAXIMS revealed that the company was considering going open source, he provides an update on progress; with striking parallels to the electric car market.
24 July 2014

Industry view: John Culkin

Profile: Frederik Brabant

Industry view: Shane Tickell

Industry view: Steven Dodsworth

Industry view: Muir Gray and Andy Hughes


EHI editor Jon Hoeksma says transparency is needed on how Fujitsu came to exit NPfIT and then win £700m if we are to avoid such an epic waste of taxpayers’ money in the future.
31 July 2014

The chief information officer of Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust arrived from global pharma with a remit to transform its IT operations. Sam Sachdeva talks to her.
30 July 2014


GP Neil Paul wonders why the NHS doesn’t provide free wi-fi for all its staff; and has some ideas for generating enough income to provide free wi-fi for visitors and patients.
22 July 2014

Health CIO profile: Kate Warriner

Snarly, in a good way


Clinical digital maturity index, progress and next steps

Joe’s view of 40m SCRs


Health CIO profile: Mark Thomas

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@EHealthInsider's editor Jon Hoeksma reflects on #NPfIT and the Fujitsu lawsuit: t.co/OlTDMbiKKa
3 hours 2 minutes ago

@NHSEngland issues #genomics tender, reports @EHealthInsider t.co/mr7mT9KMQm
3 hours 52 minutes ago

E-Health Insider: The husky that came back to bite t.co/HLbdMNRdZO @EHealthInsider
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Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust has become the first UK trust to deploy the Cosmic electronic patient record system from Cambio.
30 July 2014

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust aims to get to ‘business as usual’ with its Lorenzo electronic patient record system by the end of September.
31 July 2014

NHS England has issued an invitation to tender for organisations wanting to become genomic centres for its project to sequence 100,000 genomes.
31 July 2014

Rotherham's EPR enforcement action ended

9 July 2014

Monday deadline for tech fund 2 bids

9 July 2014

NHS maps out 100K genomes medicine plans

8 July 2014

Scotland aims for £10m telehealth fund

7 July 2014

Southern nine rolling out TPP

7 July 2014

‘VistA for NHS’ ready for trusts

3 July 2014

Denley and Bolton back to lead System C

2 July 2014

Tactix4 releases open-eObs code

1 July 2014

NPfIT exit costs still under discussion

1 July 2014

DH issues guidance on 'safe havens'

30 June 2014

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News in brief
South Tyneside to work with Sunquest on tech fund project

South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust is to use a tech fund award to implement Sunquest ICE Clinical Forms and Service Provider List software. The trust plans to expand the electronic ordering of services to hospital departments and comunity services by creating a library of customisable forms that can be used to log requests for services with the Service Provider List, replacing paper-based processes and telephone transactions.

2 June 2014

Wales Deanery picks medical training software from Hicom

The Wales Deanery has chosen a medical training and education package from Hicom to support the management of medical recruitment, training, education and career progression for more than 3,000 trainee doctors and dentists in Wales. The Intrepid Version 10 system will be rolled out incrementally. The deanery has worked with Hicom since 2005.

2 June 2014

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