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LMCs worry about "imminent" end of GPSoC

23 May 2012   Rebecca Todd

Many practices will be left without an adequate IT system if a credible replacement for GPSoC is not agreed soon, Local Medical Committees will hear today.

Concern about the “imminent demise” of GP Systems of Choice in April 2013, and the apparent lack of a replacement, will be discussed at the Local Medical Committee conference in Liverpool.

A number of LMCs have submitted motions for debate about GPSoC, saying the uncertainty about its future is unhelpful to both practices and suppliers and that the tight time scale risks leaving many practices without an “adequately modernised IT system.”

The agenda committee has put forward a motion to establish a “clear strategy for central investment in general practice IT” and ensure ongoing freedom of choice for practices to choose or change a clinical system.

Joint chairman of the BMA and RCGP's joint IT committee, Dr Paul Cundy, told eHealth Insider that the committee is working with NHS Connecting for Health and GPSoC on developing a successor.

“We are going through the motions of trying to establish what’s going to happen,” he said. “We are inputting into the national IT requirements, drawing on a wish list of what we would like to see developed next.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t got clarity yet around where IT will lie - with clinical commissioning groups or the NHS Commissioning Board. It’s fairly clear what we don’t want, which is for it all to be at CCG level.”

Dr Cundy said there was also no clarity as yet on funding for the programme. “We are supporting CfH in their bid to have GPSoC version 2 approved and signed off,” he explained.

“If they [the government] don’t continue to support GP IT, then the entirety of the NHS reforms stop and we all go back to being electronic islands again.”

There was no mention of GPSoC in the NHS information strategy that finally emerged at the start of the week, even though it makes a number of commitments to give patients access to transactional services and to see their GP records online.

Read more GP reaction to the information strategy in Insight.

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GP Systems of Choice is actually a Restriction of Choice

Guildfoss 148 weeks ago

The GP systems suppliers have a fantastic protected market where revenues are guaranteed from us the tax payer. Now there is nothing wrong with this approach if it is transparent and delivers enough public good for a reasonable investment. But actually, the level of transparency is poor and the GP suppliers are being allowed to overlook open standards and create their own closed standards club for of data exchange and app development which cannot be allowed to continue.

GPSOC needs to be scrapped and replaced with a declaration of OPEN SUS document exchange standards and open source accrediation tools expected from IT systems suppliers.

GPSOC was introduced as a bandaid, when NPFIT failed to displace one set of suppliers with another in primary care. GPSOC is actually holding back what needs to be a much more competitive and dynamic area of the health IT market.


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