27 February 2015 22:40

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Personally I don't feel there's any room in the NHS for bean-counters making decisions based on budgets only. NHS Direct was ripped out and...
Top Cat    27 February 2015

Dispensing surgeries can use EPSr2 but only for non-dispensing patients within a dispensing surgery. EMIS Web copes with that easily even i...
Top Cat    27 February 2015

EPSr2 does not allow the nomination of GP Dispensaries as Primary Pharmacies. EPSr3, due to be available later in 2015, will include the op...
Top Cat    27 February 2015

The prospectus made reference to the fact that you couldn't bid for more than X amount across all the pots.
ex-NHS    27 February 2015

Perfick! If only other clinical IT projects were similarly PM resourced, implementations might be more successful. Well done for thinking ...
Daniel Defoe    27 February 2015

Hi all SJW, as you correctly say, much of the benefit is non-cash releasing, but the benefits are certainly tangible. Nurses get to love it...
jamesharris    27 February 2015

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Leeds Teaching’s CNIO has moved from a reluctant IT convert to a nursing informatics leader during her 20 years in the NHS. She spoke to Sam Sachdeva.
25 February 2015


Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was one of the first to go live with a new Child Protection Information Sharing System. Sam Sachdeva reports.
24 February 2015


The fate of tech fund 2 has been up in the air since applications closed seven months ago, frustrating trusts and suppliers alike. Sam Sachdeva reports.
19 February 2015

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