19 December 2014 04:38

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As I think I know which system your GP is on (S1) then the most likely reason is that your current and pervious Practices have not got round...
Merda_taurorum_animas_conturbit    18 December 2014

Nope, GP2GP wouldn't have been required as they were all on the same shared database/gp system, so just a permissions change? and the Lloyd ...
CertaCitrus    18 December 2014

@certa Its more likely that your previous Practices had not done the complete historical summarising of you Lloyd George paper notes on to ...
Merda_taurorum_animas_conturbit    18 December 2014

David RUPSI indeed... What's odd of course, is that the MRHA, which is a Trading Fund (public commercial enterprise) has been doing what c...
Infoman    18 December 2014

Hmmm...maybe its the fact that the CQC report states that only 1% o practices were affected by the revised analyses and RCGP use words like ...
Infoman    17 December 2014

I'm in the 21% bt I believe only 1/3 of my record has been shared with me, the remainder (all my previous practices are all on the same same...
CertaCitrus    17 December 2014

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Dr Paul Upton from Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust was this year’s winner of the ‘CCIO award for clinical informatics leadership’. Claire Read finds out how he has turned a job for a former medical director into a transformative role.
17 December 2014


Joe McDonald’s festive column could also be called “my Christmas tree has a train in it.” Or “this year the gingerbread helipad is go.” But it’s all about healthcare IT, really.
11 December 2014


Confidentiality can’t just be toggled on and off, because it goes to the heart of the doctor/patient relationship. Paul Hodgkin argues modern IT systems need to reflect that.
9 December 2014

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