19 September 2014 10:45

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Your personnel health hacker or quantified self person - is more than likely a Apple user (middle aged and male).
CertaCitrus    19 September 2014

Don't know about the sharing, they aren't as open as microsoft.
CertaCitrus    19 September 2014

Firstly pure PR but more relevantly - controlled OS releases - sandboxed application environment - by far the majority (>80%?)mobile Mal-...
AdeByrne    19 September 2014

Great news but don't understand this continued insistance by big companies like this to always develop for the Apple market first, when the ...
Merda_taurorum_animas_conturbit    19 September 2014

Disagree there. Blue button nothing but gimmick IMO. Need to have this discussion so if you don't like it go and read a different blog. Rig...
AdeByrne    19 September 2014

F c, difficult to explain without going into abbreviations or technical. I too support the idea of blue button and this is the main way of ...
CertaCitrus    19 September 2014

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Cumbria is on its way to paper-lite using a range of technology approaches, including the implementation of an ‘air-traffic control’ system. Lis Evenstad went to have a look.
18 September 2014


Neil Paul values user review sites; as long as he knows something about the people doing the reviewing. The NHS’ online feedback sites need to adopt some of the same thinking, he suggests.
17 September 2014


What kind of insights can you get out of 180m rows of hospital and primary care data? Sam Sachdeva joined a London data challenge to find out.
15 September 2014

Gateway 3b Implementation preparedness - East

Gateway 3a – Procurement Strategy and Implementation

Gateway 3 – Investment Decision, NHS Care Records Service: Local Services Provider – WM&NW Cluster

Gateway 3 – Investment Decision, Integrated Care Records Service – PACS

Gateway 3 Investment Decision, Integrated Care Records Service-National Application Service Provider

Gateway 3 – Investment Decision, Integrated Care Records Service - Local Services Provider

Gateway 3 – Investment Decision, N3

Gateway 3 – Investment Decision, London

Gateway 3 – Electronic Booking Project

Gateway 2.5 – Procurement Strategy, NHS Integrated Care Records Service (ICRS) Programme

Gateway 2 - Procurement strategy, NIC Strategic Environments Solution

Gateway 2 – Procurement Strategy, NHS Electronic Booking Systems

Gateway 2 – Procurement Strategy, N3

Gateway 2 - Procurement strategy, GP Systems of Choice

Gateway 2 – Procurement strategy, Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions

Gateway 1 - Business Justification, National Health Service – Integrated Care Records Services

0 – Strategic assessment, National Strategic Programme

0 – Strategic Assessment, NHS National Programme for IT

0 – Strategic Assessment, Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions

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