30 January 2015 09:21

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"One industry source told EHI News: “Most of the OS software currently available is not much more than a ‘hack’, which is fine in a sin...
Laburn    30 January 2015

Absolutely agree. The NHS centrally seem to believe that they can do the same thing over and over again and get a different result (definit...
Sic transit    29 January 2015

I stopped reading this after I saw "12 month implementation plan". Good luck.
george385    29 January 2015

This is starting to look like a train crash in slow motion? Interference in the market? Has not one single lesson from the NPfIT not been ...
george385    29 January 2015

Yes imagine, what's the national % o this, its under 50% in't it because.....
von Bismark    29 January 2015

I too think that open source has its place, but not like this and not for every type of project or every user. To me this seems like a biza...
spotlight    29 January 2015

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Patient.co.uk won an EHI Award last year for a mobile version of Patient Access. With deadlines looming for GPs to offer online services to patients, Fiona Barr reports on a timely winner.
26 January 2015


University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust won the last EHI Award for the ‘best use of technology to share information with patients and carers’ for its myhealth@QEHB portal. Paul Curran finds out why.
21 January 2015

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust is unusual in having not just one chief clinical information officer, but four. Claire Read discovers they all have the same aims, but valuably different perspectives on achieving them.
20 January 2015

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