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Limited patient access has also been agreed by the GP negotiators and is in the GP contract - drugs and allergies are all that is included a...
Chris Frith    22 August 2014

The NHS continues to duck the real issue which is the imposition (from the top) of a common primary care clinical record format - one that w...
BeenThere    22 August 2014

One strand of improved efficiency in service provision worldwide may be the introduction of electronic health records allied to the educatio...
Richard Fitton    22 August 2014

Any mention of the GPs pension - sounds like a good deal to me?
george385    21 August 2014

Framework arrangements tend to work very well for commodity type functions - GCloud being one example and consultancy services being another...
Infoman    21 August 2014

To be honest I'm not expecting to see easy access to GP held data from either Patient, NHS (community unless you've purchased a GP system or...
CertaCitrus    21 August 2014

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A year ago, EHI launched ‘target watch’ to keep an eye on the many initiatives being launched in NHS IT. Lyn Whitfield rounds up progress – and the lack of it.
22 August 2014

The Clatterbrige Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust is making a big investment in IT as it prepares to open a £118m specialist centre in Liverpool. Sam Sachdeva paid it a visit.
19 August 2014


GP Neil Paul says some clear thinking is needed about where IT can be used to meet patient demand and save the NHS money, and where it will make things worse; but a couple of real cases show the difference pretty clearly.
19 August 2014

Gateway 2 – Procurement Strategy, N3

Gateway 2 - Procurement strategy, GP Systems of Choice

Gateway 2 – Procurement strategy, Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions

Gateway 1 - Business Justification, National Health Service – Integrated Care Records Services

0 – Strategic assessment, National Strategic Programme

0 – Strategic Assessment, NHS National Programme for IT

0 – Strategic Assessment, Electronic Transmission of Prescriptions

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