26 October 2014 03:38

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UHS, where I work, I would say, is the biggest user of personal health record in the country at the moment. However, this misses the point. ...
AdeByrne    25 October 2014

the year is 2014, not a single occurrence of the word app in the 5yr plan, as a patient (a person WHO uses technology), i think that makes m...
fishandchipsonfriday    25 October 2014

Yes, absolutely. Please keep saying this to anyone who will or won't listen. The constant repetition that more self care coupled with the ...
JacquesOuze    24 October 2014

Does anyone know where I can go to take my plain old "Agile", "Integrated" innovations to the next level and make them &...
Merda_taurorum_animas_conturbit    24 October 2014

Sound an interesting payment system. First we need to define what 'well' is. Is it the absence of disease, or absence of symptoms, or a tes...
Geepsi    24 October 2014

'I hope this will be a turning point....' The tone of Tim's comments seem to indicate some weariness with banging his head against the bric...
JacquesOuze    24 October 2014

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Six months after Microsoft ended general support for Windows XP, EHI ran a short survey to find out whether it is still an issue for trusts. It is. Lis Evenstad and Lyn Whitfield report.
23 October 2014

The new president of the Royal College of Physicians has been plunged into the debate about the future of the NHS. Lyn Whitfield talks to her about the RCP’s Future Hospital vision, which is underpinned by IT.
22 October 2014

Rachel Dunscombe, the chief information officer at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, she tells Paul Curran why she opted for a career in IT, rather than music.
22 October 2014

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4 – Readiness for service, NHS Care Records Service, North West

4 – Readiness for service, NHS Care Records Service, North East

4 – Readiness for service, NHS Care Records Service, London

4 – Readiness for service, N3

4 – Readiness for Service, Email and Directory Services

4 – Readiness for service, Electronic Booking System

4 – Readiness for service, East

4 – Readiness for service, Choose and Book

Gateway 3b Implementation preparedness - Southern

Gateway 3b Implementation preparedness - North West

Gateway 3b Implementation preparedness - North East

Gateway 3b Implementation preparedness - London

Gateway 3b Implementation preparedness - East

Gateway 3a – Procurement Strategy and Implementation

Gateway 3 – Investment Decision, NHS Care Records Service: Local Services Provider – WM&NW Cluster

Gateway 3 – Investment Decision, Integrated Care Records Service – PACS

Gateway 3 Investment Decision, Integrated Care Records Service-National Application Service Provider

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