31 March 2015 12:36

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Ah ha... ok I'll stop being a pedant. Highest digital rating, presume that's HIMMS 7 then.
CertaCitrus    31 March 2015

We're going by the information in this which says it is Cerner Millennium http://www.cerner.com/newsroom.aspx?id=17179879354&blogid=2147...
EHealthThomas    31 March 2015

Yes it's Cerner EPR but not millennium - don't know the new product name.
CertaCitrus    31 March 2015

Thanks for the comment. However, last week we received a statement from Cerner and signed off by both trusts stating that they had chosen Ce...
EHealthThomas    31 March 2015

@ Kiloware "We should not ignore the positive learning that can come from Trusts such as Wirral, Croydon and Bath in the same way that ...
Oracle    31 March 2015

From memory, Calderdale and Huddersfield came close to procuring a new PAS just before the national programme put a stop to everything back ...
Kiloware    31 March 2015

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Thomas Meek looks at the troubled history of NHS 111 in the first of a short series of features looking at the major healthcare IT initiatives of the present government in the run up to the general election.
25 March 2015


On holiday in the Alps, Joe McDonald invents teleplumbing. Now he’s got big plans for Skypiatry…
23 March 2015


Policy makers have worked out that integrated care will need integrated IT. But Ewan Davis doubts they understand how to achieve that – and suggests they should look to Moscow for ideas.
18 March 2015

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