31 October 2014 09:44

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We are hearing reports of system problems from the consultants in Cambridge - is there any truth in this or are things going well and we are...
nike    31 October 2014

@Certa Does that mean its not interop compatible with the current existing GPSOC standards?
Merda_taurorum_animas_conturbit    31 October 2014

We need to learn the lessons from this. Please tell us more. Is the BMA 2nd guessing Caldicott 2 and the Data protection act? There seems...
Jack Barker    31 October 2014

Goodness - they seem to be making a bit of a meal of this.
spotlight    31 October 2014

Well done and good luck Cambridge. Comparisons with Lewisham are unlikely to be appropriate as I believe Cambridge have invested at least £...
Jack Barker    30 October 2014

I think that you would be hard stretched to find another EPR solution which would cost half this much for a 10 year contract. so we have to ...
nike    29 October 2014

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Paul Hodgkin wonders about the role that modern, social media tools could play in communications about Ebola; particularly when it affects the NHS.
28 October 2014


Simon Stevens has issued his ‘Five Year Forward View’ for the NHS. Lyn Whitfield looks at a report that tries to finish the work that Wanless started; not least when it comes to IT.
23 October 2014

Six months after Microsoft ended general support for Windows XP, EHI ran a short survey to find out whether it is still an issue for trusts. It is. Lis Evenstad and Lyn Whitfield report.
23 October 2014

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