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Even if it runs on a free open source database that doesn't change anything. Microsoft and Amazon are making serious money out of selling th...
ex-NHS    06 March 2015

... “What we’ve actually done with the tech fund is stage the roll-out rather than cut it in absolute terms.” How about this: I cast my vot...
george385    06 March 2015

I would not underestimate the effort required to "anglicise" non-UK developed systems - and in particular around ePrescribing. The...
george385    06 March 2015

The fact that NIB are 'looking for quick wins' is itself and indication of the vacuum at the heart of health IT policy and strategy. ISCG w...
JacquesOuze    06 March 2015

The big questions for the budding opensource fan club 1) How much do you have to pay HP to install the system? 2) How much do you have to pa...
Other    06 March 2015

It also needs to be consumer-grade software - not enterprise crap-ware. Make it look fun to use, user-friendly, powerful through simplicity....
TheInsider    06 March 2015

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The Free Diagnostic Pathology Software Project is an EHI Award winning open source product that aims to improve cancer diagnosis. Jennifer Trueland talks to its developer, Fred Mayall.
2 March 2015


GP Neil Paul wonders why an “implementation gap” so often opens up between a simple idea and actually doing it; whether that’s handing out tablet computers, or providing remote access to records and systems.
2 March 2015

Leeds Teaching’s CNIO has moved from a reluctant IT convert to a nursing informatics leader during her 20 years in the NHS. She spoke to Sam Sachdeva.
25 February 2015

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