29 January 2015 10:17

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Leaving aside the hard and worthwhile work being undertaken here, surely the subject once again begs the question "why are GPs and hosp...
Justintime    28 January 2015

To echo NeilB Given that opt-out codes are captured by your GP and that no GP data has been collected by the HSCIC, how can the HSCIC (I) i...
Infoman    28 January 2015

Totally agree with previous comment...it really is good to see that agency leaders in Birmingham have seen fit to revive this and move forwa...
Phoenix    28 January 2015

It’s about balance, perception and media bias. If the far extremes are so concerned about individual’s privacy, I would thought there would...
ex-NHS    28 January 2015

True the NHS is massively complex and there are processes in use for all sorts of reasons, and most for good reasons. 10 years experience i...
Merda_taurorum_animas_conturbit    28 January 2015

I'm afraid I have to disagree. These triage systems were set up under the previous PCTs with the aim to reduce referrals and save money and ...
Geepsi    28 January 2015

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Patient.co.uk won an EHI Award last year for a mobile version of Patient Access. With deadlines looming for GPs to offer online services to patients, Fiona Barr reports on a timely winner.
26 January 2015


University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust won the last EHI Award for the ‘best use of technology to share information with patients and carers’ for its myhealth@QEHB portal. Paul Curran finds out why.
21 January 2015

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust is unusual in having not just one chief clinical information officer, but four. Claire Read discovers they all have the same aims, but valuably different perspectives on achieving them.
20 January 2015

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