23 October 2014 04:02

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spot on, use integrated patient pathways, unique for each patient, to help untangle the mess ...
fishandchipsonfriday    23 October 2014

Dear All, Conceptual flaw; "prevention" actually manifests itself as delay or deferment to another or a later diagnosis. So we end...
Paul Cundy    23 October 2014

An EPR does not need to be a single system?
george385    22 October 2014

I see where you're coming from but surely the long term costs and risks of not doing it far outweigh the up front capital costs of doing it ...
Merda_taurorum_animas_conturbit    22 October 2014

noun: portal · plural noun: portals 1. a doorway, gate, or other entrance synonyms: doorway · gateway · entrance · way in · way out · exit ...
Merda_taurorum_animas_conturbit    22 October 2014

quite right, stay real, talking of which, halve IT staff requirements? how completely bonkers ...
fishandchipsonfriday    22 October 2014

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The new president of the Royal College of Physicians has been plunged into the debate about the future of the NHS. Lyn Whitfield talks to her about the RCP’s Future Hospital vision, which is underpinned by IT.
22 October 2014

Rachel Dunscombe, the chief information officer at Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, she tells Paul Curran why she opted for a career in IT, rather than music.
22 October 2014


GP Neil Paul is a huge fan of technology. But sometimes a simple device, with a big red button on it, is the answer...
15 October 2014

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