22 July 2014 20:41

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NHS Number -->> Patient Pathway ID, apologies ... Patient Pathway ID <<-- NHS Number, get the message? (100 chars)
fishandchipsonfriday    22 July 2014

Usual procedure in this case (at least what I've seen) would be registering them as an unknown, then once available (i.e. patient wakes up) ...
Anonymous 22 July 2014

Unconscious - no ID - no treatment until he wakes up and can tell us who he is? I admit it is rare, however I work in Biochemistry - what sh...
DANCECLOTHEARS    22 July 2014

If we applied a little bit of logic, it would have been printed on NHS supplied EHIC cards (which I guess a fair few of us carry in our wall...
CertaCitrus    22 July 2014

Really - forever - even after you regain consciousness? Sorry but the arguments for not using an NHS number is simply sloppy and carries re...
george385    22 July 2014

I would agree with you re a/e if the letter was sent same/next day. Today's letters relate to attendances a week ago and in one case is the ...
Geepsi    22 July 2014

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GP Neil Paul wonders why the NHS doesn’t provide free wi-fi for all its staff; and has some ideas for generating enough income to provide free wi-fi for visitors and patients.
22 July 2014

The deputy director of Informatics Merseyside was studying music when she was bitten by the health bug. Lis Evenstad talked to her as she launched a major information sharing strategy.
22 July 2014


Barts Health NHS Trust is working on number of integration projects, underpinned by IT. Sam Sachdeva spoke to its chief clinical information officer, Charles Gutteridge, about the challenges this is posing.
21 July 2014

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