17 September 2014 10:30

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Daniel Defoe    17 September 2014

An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
exec    16 September 2014

I'd like to start a campaign in support of Transparency! After all, in the interests of Transparency all sorts of raw data lacking context o...
Mary Hawking    16 September 2014

" it says that the commissioning board is looking at “beefing up our information, commissioning analytics and health strategy functions...
Mary Hawking    16 September 2014

JacquesOuze says "possibly not". My experience (GP retired 31.3.13 for obvious reasons) suggests that *any* change in the manageme...
Mary Hawking    16 September 2014

Thanks Sam. I have read several posts in this area of innovation. There is one key point often eluded to, as here by Bladon but not expanded...
fisherpaul64    16 September 2014

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What kind of insights can you get out of 180m rows of hospital and primary care data? Sam Sachdeva joined a London data challenge to find out.
15 September 2014

Adrian Byrne considers the impact of health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s call for a ‘paperless’ NHS. Is it clear what it is meant to be achieved? And will it be worth achieving?
15 September 2014


Joe McDonald remembers the days of dial up and proprietary web packages. Can the NHS learn from the move to virtually free software and open communities?
11 September 2014

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