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Does Indego4 offer SMS texts?
Chris Frith    30 January 2015

Is there any information available anywhere with regards to this ePrescribing software - what functionality does it offer, and how its clini...
george385    30 January 2015

A vocal minority believe they are standing up for the silent and disenfranchised majority. Of course the silent majority might not give a f$...
Infoman    30 January 2015

Can I see the testing documentation please?
george385    30 January 2015

So if it is so good/appropriate/cost effective - where are the hordes of people battering down the DoH door demanding that Microsoft Office ...
Merda_taurorum_animas_conturbit    30 January 2015

"However, even the leading firms behind the initial prototype, shown at an NHS England open source event in Newcastle last November, sa...
ripcord_consult    30 January 2015

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Patient.co.uk won an EHI Award last year for a mobile version of Patient Access. With deadlines looming for GPs to offer online services to patients, Fiona Barr reports on a timely winner.
26 January 2015


University Hospital Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust won the last EHI Award for the ‘best use of technology to share information with patients and carers’ for its myhealth@QEHB portal. Paul Curran finds out why.
21 January 2015

Bolton NHS Foundation Trust is unusual in having not just one chief clinical information officer, but four. Claire Read discovers they all have the same aims, but valuably different perspectives on achieving them.
20 January 2015

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Open source aims to reach milestone in Newcastle


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