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Wait a minute - the commissioning board is looking to save £40 million from an annual budget of £100 million, and its first move is to offer...
julianlesaux    22 November 2014

BSI are developing a PAS (Publicly Available Specification) for health and wellness apps that NIB organisations and industry are involved in...
JonL    21 November 2014

Only three surgeons are rated poor, says data criticised as ‘laughable’. The Daily Telegraph (Laura Donnelly) says only three surgeons have...
Contrarian    21 November 2014

Why publish the names of surgeons and not those of the anaesthetists? Or anyone else involved in the care of the patient. (DOI - retired C...
Richard.Cherry    20 November 2014

It would be nice if the Care Data Program Board - which seems to have started meeting somewhere around May 2014 - would publish its TOR, min...
Mary Hawking    20 November 2014

I've been wondering when someone would raise this. My experience of BSI is that they are very protective of the term kitemark; and if someth...
Lyn from eHealth Insider    20 November 2014

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This year’s Healthcare IT Champion of the Year sadly passed away just before voting started. Sam Sachdeva talked to those who knew him to find out why so many people wanted him to win anyway.
20 November 2014


The latest “framework” for NHS IT has received a cautious welcome. Now analysts, trusts and suppliers want more detail; and to find out which of its sticks and carrots will work. Sam Sachdeva reports.
20 November 2014


Dr Neil Paul wonders if GP practices could learn from the modern support tools used by companies; and suggests that online chat could well have a role.
18 November 2014

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