21 April 2015 11:36

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Well done UH North Midlands on taking this big step forward.
stueym    21 April 2015

Taking a cynical view, it'd be interesting to see what security measures are put in place. How would you be able to tell if your Skype conve...
Andrew L. Simpson    20 April 2015

HSCIC will not be accessing referral letters, just as they (and CFH before them) haven't been accessing them in the existing Choose and Book...
Merda_taurorum_animas_conturbit    20 April 2015

Agreed - but they also need to understand what that data means? Most don't - those with long-term conditions may (but they are still not tra...
george385    20 April 2015

Hi Adrian, The £180m was for all 6 of the acute collaborations of which SmartCare is one. There is apparently £80m in central funds availabl...
RMcBeth    20 April 2015

I'm always interested in how much the big EPRs cost. So do I have this right? - the project including match funding for three hospitals is £...
AdeByrne    20 April 2015

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Health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s call for a ‘paperless’ NHS was the big healthcare IT initiative of the past five years of coalition government. But are we close to achieving it – or even knowing what it means? Thomas Meek investigates.
16 April 2015


Paul Hodgkin, the former GP and founder of Patient Opinion, reflects on a non-Marxist, Marxian revolution in his last column for EHI.
14 April 2015


Critics of care.data say it is sitting in the “last chance saloon”. Sam Sachdeva looks at its prospects in the second of EHI News’ features looking back over the major healthcare IT initiatives of the coalition government.
9 April 2015

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