30 March 2015 16:13

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Practices will hate this as it will result in a tidal wave of work for them explaining points of detail over and over, calming the alarmed e...
BeenThere    30 March 2015

Yes, "fancy" email as are many of the systems for documents each with their own merit don't get me wrong, email is just a very low...
ex-NHS    30 March 2015

ex-NHS. I'm sure you realised DTS is email. How many trusts do you know where a document is printed from word and then scanned? Oh hum, stil...
CertaCitrus    30 March 2015

@ex-NHS. Scanning is the converstion stage. If you have records that contain patient history..you need to convert it to electronic before it...
Oracle    30 March 2015

Hosted instances, NACs, blah, DTS, XML, more blah, PAS, SPINE, ODS, blah dee blah....put your toys away boys....it was a satirical comment ...
ex-NHS    30 March 2015

Yes. Well spotted I almost forgot about this. TPP is using a hosted instance with a single NACS code. Yes we had a few problems with the sma...
Oracle    30 March 2015

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Thomas Meek looks at the troubled history of NHS 111 in the first of a short series of features looking at the major healthcare IT initiatives of the present government in the run up to the general election.
25 March 2015


On holiday in the Alps, Joe McDonald invents teleplumbing. Now he’s got big plans for Skypiatry…
23 March 2015


Policy makers have worked out that integrated care will need integrated IT. But Ewan Davis doubts they understand how to achieve that – and suggests they should look to Moscow for ideas.
18 March 2015

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