26 April 2015 13:02

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Email is an appalling method for transmitting patient communications , should be "system work flow to system work flow"<<end...
interop lurker    26 April 2015

Dear Transition Lead/Primary LOA The preferred supplier to operate the replacement NHSmail service until summer 2020 has been confirmed as ...
interop lurker    26 April 2015

good points: 1. recognizes the importance of business intelligence 2. desire to compete 3. accepts they have a monopoly on access to data ba...
QuietMan    25 April 2015

Still not very joined up is it - coverage of half the Trusts, overstated accreditation for those who prefer to maintain local email, and whe...
desperado    24 April 2015

Congratulations JohnS and the team at Oxford. Always the ones to watch...
Natterjack    24 April 2015

Chris The TTO medication is automatically included when the discharge summary is completed and this is sent electronically to the patient's...
JohnS    24 April 2015

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