23 July 2014 17:15

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What card is that, an old GP registration card? I have one of those somewhere, but I don't think I have anything similar with my current NHS...
DANCECLOTHEARS    23 July 2014

Well I have a card that has four letters followed by three digits. My children have three letters, two digits, one letter followed by two or...
desconocido    23 July 2014

starslikedust, not sure if your referring to my comments. Yes Scotland uses CHI and a hidden/unused Scottish NHS Number. A Scottish person...
CertaCitrus    23 July 2014

This isn't correct. NHS Numbers are used across England and Wales. Scotland decided to do their own thing and uses the CHI number. Health is...
starslikedust    23 July 2014

george385, they have NHS ID and but not an English or Welsh one - they can have both an English and Scottish one to complicate it further. ...
CertaCitrus    23 July 2014

Is the a reason why that 12% cnnot be given an NHS number?
george385    23 July 2014

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