28 July 2014 11:19

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Thank you for the very brief glimpse of your report. When I see things like Ian Hislop at the Leveson enquiry reading out threatening legal...
Inter Ested    28 July 2014

Everyone knows that paper is far better. Bring back paper notes! Hang on.... what does that say? *Squints*
TheInsider    28 July 2014

The 'extremely cost competitive' is another big hint. Having recently been named and shamed as one of 19 Trusts in huge financial difficulti...
Anonymous 28 July 2014

Imagine any A&E on any day of the week. There will people who don't want their (or their child's) identity revealed. Some will be too ...
just_instantiate    28 July 2014

Very impressive and I suspect everyone would opt in when it became important to them or a member of their family who they were caring for (e...
fishandchipsonfriday    26 July 2014

Thanks what you say makes sense. Perhaps it also shows the risks of "free lunches". They must have had a compelling business case...
Justintime    25 July 2014

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