4 March 2015 22:41

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My personal view is that IT is the administrative costs that are crippling the NHS and the people who are going to be able to sort this out ...
QuietMan    04 March 2015

If EPR's encourage greater clarity about how a patient has been treated/not treated than this is a good thing. If clinicians think that the...
You_can_call_me_Brian    04 March 2015

“In almost any scenario there are a number of broad changes in the Five Year Forward view that need to be brought about. This is not adminis...
Mary Hawking    04 March 2015

"Rice said the framework’s focus on interoperability is broken down into a range of different workstreams, including reaching an agreem...
Mary Hawking    04 March 2015

As a GP, I was always surprised by the number of people who, having used IT all or most of their working lives, after they had retired refus...
Mary Hawking    04 March 2015

I was also asking whether it would be effective using this data for the stated purpose of establishing residence for tax purposes...
Mary Hawking    04 March 2015

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