22 October 2014 14:45

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I suspect the scenario goes something like this: IT team desparately want to migrate all the old XP machines but can't afford to because of ...
Infoman    22 October 2014

HSCIC may say this is resolved, but we are still receiving alerts for this issue, as BT don't know what happened to cause this problem. The ...
kenni39    22 October 2014

Just a thought, but someone should at least be able to establish from national data 18 week RTT clock start times for all those patients who...
Merda_taurorum_animas_conturbit    22 October 2014

It may not be an immediate or earth shattering problem, but I would have a thought an inability to report accurate RTT would make a Trust a ...
DANCECLOTHEARS    21 October 2014

No - it does not need to be a single CDS to gather this information, and some of the bigger benefits include the ability gain a view (or ind...
george385    21 October 2014

JAC, the UK market leader for ePMA systems in live use must have been VERY disappointed to lose this tender, after all they provide the Trus...
ehealthsolutions    21 October 2014

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