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EHI podcast visits Locala Community Partnerships and hears from health secretary Jeremy Hunt at the Innovation Expo.
21 March 2014

EHI Podcast visits Public Health England to meet its CEO and discusses the care.data debacle.
19 February 2014

eHealth Insider visits Belfast to see some hi-tech HP pods and Grimsby to hear about how the trust is building its own electronic patient record system.
28 January 2014

EHI podcast visits Barts' Health again to see the Cerner Health Information Exchange and hear from clinicians using the record-sharing portal.
11 December 2013

The eHealth Insider podcast talks to attendees at EHI Live 2013 about the key themes of the conference.
12 November 2013

EHI travels to Nottingham to get Emis users' views on the online patient records access mandate and reports on recent digital go-lives at the Wirral.
1 November 2013

eHealth Insider travels to Belgium for the start of the mHealth cycling tour and speaks to the IT director of EPR Exemplar site, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.
17 October 2013

eHealth Insider speaks to the head of IT at North Bristol NHS Trust and the EHI events team about the upcoming EHI healthcare IT awards night.
24 September 2013

eHealth Insider's fortnightly podcast focuses on the world of NHS IT, providing news, commentary and interviews about the use of technology in the UK health service.
29 August 2013

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And behold the "whole of NHS england " GP it has crumbs of 260million. 8000 practices Both TPP and EMIS as a risk share &quo...
mwestwood    17 April 2014

Only in the NHS would four versions of RIO be spawned ;-/ And then an integrator need to be required to "Plugin" to S1 "...
mwestwood    17 April 2014

Hi Ade. Thank you for your feedback it is much appreciated. You are right to comment that there is more to making this successful than repli...
Twing00    17 April 2014

A different view! NN4B was supposed to be de-commissioned 6 or 7 years ago. Suppliers should have made their solutions Spine compliant by no...
jjameswalk123    17 April 2014

Alas the Merda comment about the Finance director is off the mark (or is totally Merda). EU law requires that an estimate of costs is inclu...
+ve Informatics    17 April 2014

On OJEU procurement of this nature will take a minimum of six months. I'd suggest timescales are not realistic.
george385    17 April 2014

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