19 December 2014 01:31

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As I think I know which system your GP is on (S1) then the most likely reason is that your current and pervious Practices have not got round...
Merda_taurorum_animas_conturbit    18 December 2014

Nope, GP2GP wouldn't have been required as they were all on the same shared database/gp system, so just a permissions change? and the Lloyd ...
CertaCitrus    18 December 2014

@certa Its more likely that your previous Practices had not done the complete historical summarising of you Lloyd George paper notes on to ...
Merda_taurorum_animas_conturbit    18 December 2014

David RUPSI indeed... What's odd of course, is that the MRHA, which is a Trading Fund (public commercial enterprise) has been doing what c...
Infoman    18 December 2014

Hmmm...maybe its the fact that the CQC report states that only 1% o practices were affected by the revised analyses and RCGP use words like ...
Infoman    17 December 2014

I'm in the 21% bt I believe only 1/3 of my record has been shared with me, the remainder (all my previous practices are all on the same same...
CertaCitrus    17 December 2014

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