3 September 2014 08:04

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If people withhold information from their patients, one can only assume they have something to hide, whether just inaccurate or fraudulent. ...
anon    02 September 2014

I am an NHS person (not a supplier stalker as suggested by OzLurker) with a passion for informatics that has taken me to the view the best u...
NHS Person    02 September 2014

Great to see that Arden has caught up with the rest of the CSU market on risk stratification. The King's Fund's model is as relevant now as ...
JDavidson    02 September 2014

I'm not so sure about Vision. We use this software and have been told it is coming soon. Maybe where you are they are testing it. Charges ...
Geepsi    02 September 2014

A disappointment indeed, I like the sound of end users screaming. Sounds like victory.
DANCECLOTHEARS    02 September 2014

Sounds right (note to self: keep up!). However, the ending of a contract doesn't have to mean the technology platform has to change (c.f. t...
just_instantiate    02 September 2014

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