27 March 2015 11:55

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I spotted a few typos .... The government is [deluded] about meeting its April deadline for patient access to online records, [with] Januar...
ex-NHS    27 March 2015

Can't you get all of that on the UK gateway? http://www.gateway.gov.uk/ They must all be linked together via the Gov.UK userID
CertaCitrus    27 March 2015

I'd probably be more impressed with this if they were going to use this common ID as a consolidated replacement for my National Insurance nu...
BeenThere    27 March 2015

I think it is generally accepted they (4 separate hospitals 3 of which are close together) are in the wrong place, but how do you move them ...
DANCECLOTHEARS    26 March 2015

When I registered with my GP practice in London I was issued with a card which said my NHS number was "S space three digits slash two d...
HMF    26 March 2015

I would normally say roll out , but were talking about the NHS. Nothing rolls, at best it meanders, but on the IT front we need to drive har...
ex-NHS    26 March 2015

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