20 December 2014 15:52

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"The focus will now turn to those practices that arent offering line services, finding out what the barriers are and what we can do t...
Dave Kelsall    20 December 2014

I think it's worth mentioning that Cumbria's integrated care system has been evolving incrementally for about 10 years... It is always good ...
Mary Hawking    19 December 2014

If, as Eve Roodhouse says, “We know we have more to do to communicate with the public about the programme and are fully committed to addres...
Mary Hawking    19 December 2014

As a matter of interest, does anyone think that the wording to be tested in the letter to patients is any better than the original leaflet? ...
Mary Hawking    19 December 2014

If you experience having access to your GP record yourself and share it with your family and friends they'll soon want it. I can now view a...
imPatient4change    19 December 2014

IIGO's review of care.data throws down some significant challenges not only for care.data but for the whole area of secondary use of data. S...
Infoman    19 December 2014

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Dr Paul Upton from Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust was this year’s winner of the ‘CCIO award for clinical informatics leadership’. Claire Read finds out how he has turned a job for a former medical director into a transformative role.
17 December 2014


Joe McDonald’s festive column could also be called “my Christmas tree has a train in it.” Or “this year the gingerbread helipad is go.” But it’s all about healthcare IT, really.
11 December 2014


Confidentiality can’t just be toggled on and off, because it goes to the heart of the doctor/patient relationship. Paul Hodgkin argues modern IT systems need to reflect that.
9 December 2014

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