27 August 2014 19:56

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And there was me thinking it was a standard 3.5in floppy held by someone with incredibly small hands.... :-)
Infoman    27 August 2014

If the picture above really represents the disk that's missing, then it's almost certainly a "standard" Magneto Optical Drive (see...
Daniel Defoe    27 August 2014

It looks like a Canofile magneto-optical disk to me. In use c.1995-2005.
a1585766    27 August 2014

I think you spoke too soon for Zero issues. But overall I'd say, well done on the implementation. Now is the hard part, keeping users h...
Big Al    27 August 2014

Dear NHS Spine2 team, Well done. A critical system changeover that could have crippled the NHS passes in the night with 100% scess. Regards ...
Paul Cundy    27 August 2014

Piloting is good -so long as proper before and after studies are done. Call centre script-readers booking home visits sounds dangerous to m...
saywell    27 August 2014

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The presenter of ‘Get Well Soon’ will be visiting the new social media village at EHI Live 2014. He told EHI about his “inner geek”, the role of social media in healthcare, and his experience of NHS IT.
27 August 2014

Mark Dundon, former chief information officer at Plusnet, tells Paul Curran why he moved into healthcare, and his hopes for his commissioning support unit.
26 August 2014


A year ago, EHI launched ‘target watch’ to keep an eye on the many initiatives being launched in NHS IT. Lyn Whitfield rounds up progress – and the lack of it.
22 August 2014

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