16 September 2014 12:25

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I wondered if we talking about different areas of primary care. I've mostly been working with community health so sharing nursing notes, as...
CertaCitrus    15 September 2014

CertaCitrus In 25 years as a GP I have never seen a social worker look at the GP records. We do get requests for information, normally acco...
Geepsi    15 September 2014

Since the term "preferred supplier" is used in the article, presumably the procurement type used for this was the Competitive Dial...
Daniel Defoe    15 September 2014

Which occurs in the existing paper system. How many patients stop social workers from reading the notes. At least with paperless systems/HI...
CertaCitrus    12 September 2014

Interesting, wasn't Contactpoint a database for Child welfare services that was supposed to be accessible by GPs? heres a statement that was...
Merda_taurorum_animas_conturbit    12 September 2014

Lets hope these changes result in the sort of lean, mean, commissioning machine the health system needs.
Infoman    12 September 2014

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What kind of insights can you get out of 180m rows of hospital and primary care data? Sam Sachdeva joined a London data challenge to find out.
15 September 2014

Adrian Byrne considers the impact of health secretary Jeremy Hunt’s call for a ‘paperless’ NHS. Is it clear what it is meant to be achieved? And will it be worth achieving?
15 September 2014


Joe McDonald remembers the days of dial up and proprietary web packages. Can the NHS learn from the move to virtually free software and open communities?
11 September 2014

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