31 July 2014 20:35

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Ian, If you hand the records to the patient, which seems eminently sensible, then how do you ensure that get paid? Do you bill the insuranc...
NeilB    31 July 2014

Ah but... you spent the following years knocking the Southern Programme PACS/RIS delivery into shape. And it was in good shape (despite the...
+ve Informatics    31 July 2014

Chris - ultimately the same person signed all the original LSP contracts, on the recommendation of his Director General of Information. Th...
Dave Kelsall    31 July 2014

In this case, DH got their claim in first and FJ counter-claimed - so FJ was actually the defendant!! I guess technically both the DH lost ...
PufferFish    31 July 2014

At the time the Fujtsu contract was terminated, FJ had implemented more 'LSP contract' acute systems than any other LSP. It took CSCA sever...
PufferFish    31 July 2014

Fujitsu were way ahead of the other LSPs, albeit still behind schedule, so they had designed and built their data centres/recruited the staf...
Inter Ested    31 July 2014

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EHI editor Jon Hoeksma says transparency is needed on how Fujitsu came to exit NPfIT and then win £700m if we are to avoid such an epic waste of taxpayers’ money in the future.
31 July 2014

The chief information officer of Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust arrived from global pharma with a remit to transform its IT operations. Sam Sachdeva talks to her.
30 July 2014


GP Neil Paul wonders why the NHS doesn’t provide free wi-fi for all its staff; and has some ideas for generating enough income to provide free wi-fi for visitors and patients.
22 July 2014

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