1 March 2015 08:25

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The big budget is not the critical thing, the patient's big health data is, I don't think IT will be possible to join up the care efficientl...
QuietMan    01 March 2015

It would be interesting to see EHI present an empirical evidence based argument that IT investment in the NHS has delivered the service impr...
Justintime    28 February 2015

What had been said here is quite true, but the issues won't just be confined to the services within the new organisation. What about those s...
Justintime    28 February 2015

If that were the case - I'm sure someone would start asking questions about the apparent availability of staffing resources to perform these...
george385    28 February 2015

So is this a pharmacy led project - are the Doctors the ones who are using the system entering the medicines orders on the wards? It sadden...
george385    28 February 2015

Personally I don't feel there's any room in the NHS for bean-counters making decisions based on budgets only. NHS Direct was ripped out and...
Top Cat    27 February 2015

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Leeds Teaching’s CNIO has moved from a reluctant IT convert to a nursing informatics leader during her 20 years in the NHS. She spoke to Sam Sachdeva.
25 February 2015


Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was one of the first to go live with a new Child Protection Information Sharing System. Sam Sachdeva reports.
24 February 2015

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