2 September 2014 15:05

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A disappointment indeed, I like the sound of end users screaming. Sounds like victory.
DANCECLOTHEARS    02 September 2014

Sounds right (note to self: keep up!). However, the ending of a contract doesn't have to mean the technology platform has to change (c.f. t...
just_instantiate    02 September 2014

Am I missing something. I thought the main driver was that the outsourced contract had come to an end. The IP for spine 1 would sit with th...
Nick Tordoff    01 September 2014

Is that 25% mre as in 3.75% ttal - or as in 28% ttal? If the former, how long before we reach 98% acess if access is increasing by 0.75% p...
Dave Kelsall    01 September 2014

As I understand it, changing the functionality offered by Spine 2 services will be easier / quicker in future. I can't imagine that HSCIC wo...
midlander    01 September 2014

How did you leave a comment with the article inaccessible, eh?!
KeepItSimple    01 September 2014

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The chief clinical information officer for the Hampshire Health Record likes to present himself as the Robin Hood of the IT world; taking from the information rich and giving to the poor. Lis Evenstad talked to him.
1 September 2014


The presenter of ‘Get Well Soon’ will be visiting EHI Live 2014. He told EHI about his “inner geek”, the role of social media in healthcare, and his experience of NHS IT.
27 August 2014


Mark Dundon, former chief information officer at Plusnet, tells Paul Curran why he moved into healthcare, and his hopes for his commissioning support unit.
26 August 2014

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