30 September 2014 14:50

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you can search for (and update) this information for any hospital on http://aboutmyhospital.co.uk . The results of the previous survey is al...
Chris.casey    30 September 2014

Yep - another score for an hack day open forum discussion escalated by EHI. Surely NHS wifi access data and indeed other kinds of service ac...
Guildfoss    30 September 2014

I doubt there's much contention with the principle that patients should have the facility to articulate their decisions on the sharing of th...
JacquesOuze    30 September 2014

" ... open to any providers of NHS-funded nursing care, including social enterprises and local authorities." On the face of it t...
Dave Kelsall    30 September 2014

of course they need control, i don't wish to "bang on" about this but surely all people wouldn't want to share all of their data a...
fishandchipsonfriday    29 September 2014

Pro bono eh I wounder what % o the report was based on what EHI supplied? I wonder what that report cost the tax payer? Given that it was...
CanUseeTheLight    29 September 2014

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The technology that we use subtly embodies the values that lie behind what we are doing. Better get those right when it comes to big, NHS IT programmes like the SCR and care.data, says Paul Hodgkin.
30 September 2014


The chief executive of the Health and Social Care Information Centre expects the forthcoming informatics strategy to clarify the organisation’s role. Sam Sachdeva spoke to him.
23 September 2014


The deputy director of informatics at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust talks to Sam Sachdeva about her career, its electronic patient record plans, and the trust's role in a changing NHS.
22 September 2014

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