7 February 2016 03:41

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CCIO leadership skills: Lessons learned from the US CMIO role discussion
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Healthcare Informatics (tinyurl.com/CMIO-role) has a thought provoking article on CCIO leadership, as it applies to CMIOs, the equivalent US role. Acording to one contributor, "Having formal leadership training for CMIOs is essential right now; things are just too complex, and the changes are accelerating.” Another Texas based acting CMIO says: “You have to understand the broad area of change management, and you have to know how to do process redesign with or without technology. You have to understand how clinical knowledge is applied at the point of care, and that’s where having been a clinician is of value.” At the same time, he adds, “You have to understand adult learning because people have to learn new skills. And you have to have a conceptual model for understanding behavior in a service organization. If you’ve got those prerequisites, then you act as a facilitator for the organization, in how best to use the crowbar that is the EHR to create change. You don’t actually lead.”

Source: http://www.healthcare-informatics.com/article/ramping-leadership-cmios-profile-keeps-growing


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