12 February 2016 18:07


Leeds Teaching’s CNIO has moved from a reluctant IT convert to a nursing informatics leader during her 20 years in the NHS. She spoke to Sam Sachdeva.
25 February 2015
Bolton NHS Foundation Trust is unusual in having not just one chief clinical information officer, but four. Claire Read discovers they all have the same aims, but valuably different perspectives on achieving them.
20 January 2015
Claire Read talks to the clinical lead for IT at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust about preparing for its Epic electronic patient record implementation.
1 October 2014
The chief clinical information officer for the Hampshire Health Record likes to present himself as the Robin Hood of the IT world; taking from the information rich and giving to the poor. Lis Evenstad talked to him.
1 September 2014
Dermot O’Riordan is the first CCIO to occupy a chief executive’s chair. Lyn Whitfield talked to him about his job, his trust’s big Cerner project, and the joys of cycling in the pelting, freezing rain.
18 August 2014
The clinical lead for IT at The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust is building an in-house electronic patient record that might just go open source. Claire Read talks to him.
23 June 2014
The director of the OpenEyes project at Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is a passionate advocate of open source. He tells Sam Sachdeva its time has come.
11 June 2014
The chief clinical information officer of Hampshire Hospitals NHS Trust is helping to drive the development of a portal – and the many initiatives that have come out of it. Lyn Whitfield reports.
14 May 2014
The consultant clinical informatics specialist for Northern Ireland’s Health and Social Care Board has a lot on as he works to shape the country’s IT strategy and deliver the projects that support it. But he still found time to talk to Lis Evenstad.
6 February 2014
Lis Evenstad talks to the chief clinical information officer of a mental health trust who came to her role by an unusual route; building an app for patients.
3 December 2013
Claire Read talks to the chief clinical information officer of Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust about how a ZX Spectrum made him determined to work in both medicine and IT.
25 November 2013
The former national clinical director of NPfIT has a new job driving IT at Bart’s Health. And he wants to drive fast, he tells Claire Read.
7 August 2013
Les Boobis’ parents were disappointed when he studied medicine rather than IT, but he’s managed to combine the two at City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust, with a big Meditech v6.0 implementation. Daloni Carlisle talks to him.
16 July 2013
The chief clinical information officer of Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust wants an end to keyboards – among many other things. Daloni Carlisle talks to him.
1 July 2013
The Isle of Man likes to go its own way; and that attitude extends to its healthcare and its IT, its new CCIO tells Claire Read.
13 May 2013
University Hospitals of Leicester has not one but two clinical IT leaders. Claire Read talks to one of them; senior radiologist Dr Shona Campbell.
17 April 2013
Dr Mark Simpson, chief clinical information officer at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, tells Claire Read this is the time for clinical IT enthusiasts.
21 March 2013
Dr Susan Hamer and Anne Cooper were the winners of the CCIO Award for Clinical IT Leadership at last year’s EHI Awards for a course that set out to engage senior nurses in informatics. Claire Read reports.
26 February 2013
Daloni Carlisle talks to the chief clinical information officer of Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust; a man with a very firm deadline for going paperless ahead of him.
21 February 2013
The chief clinical information officer at York Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is also its clinical safety officer. Daloni Carlisle reports.
27 November 2012
Get clinicians involved in IT projects if you want them to succeed; but don’t forget about patients, the first CCIO Leaders Network Annual Conference was told. Claire Read reports.
15 November 2012
The first chief clinical information officer appointed to a health informatics service speaks to Rebecca Todd about the new role.
18 October 2012
The chief clinical information officer of NHS Cumbria speaks to Rebecca Todd about his role.
1 October 2012
Daloni Carlisle talks to a nurse who was determined to become the chief clinical information officer of her community healthcare organisation.
18 September 2012
Leeds Teaching Hospitals’ chief clinical information officer, Dr Tony Shannon, speaks to Rebecca Todd.
4 September 2012
The clinical director for IT at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust came to IT through research, but is now a powerful advocate for its impact on clinical practice and patient care. Daloni Carlisle reports.
5 July 2012
The chief clinical information officer of Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust was on the frontline of its implementation of Cerner Millennium. He talks to Daloni Carlisle about his role.
19 June 2012
The de-facto chief clinical information officer at The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust speaks to reporter Rebecca Todd.
25 April 2012
Jon Hoeksma hears that mental health is now the most innovative area of the NHS, and one in which clinical leaders are making a difference.
7 March 2012
The well known radiologist and IT enthusiast wanted to be a chief clinical information officer to support the EHI CCIO Campaign. In his new role, he talks to Daloni Carlisle.
2 February 2012
Daloni Carlisle speaks to a chief clinical information officer who is not tied to a hospital setting; and does not come from an acute background.
10 January 2012
Daloni Carlisle talks to two consultants and a physiotherapist who are being recognised as the NHS’ first chief clinical information officers.
8 November 2011
The medical director of NHS Connecting for Health is an enthusiast for the EHI CCIO Campaign. He tells eHealth Insider editor Jon Hoeksma why.
4 August 2011
There are foundations for the EHI CCIO Campaign to build on. Daloni Carlisle talks to a clinical pioneer for e-health in Scotland.
13 July 2011
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