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In summer 2011, eHealth Insider launched the EHI CCIO Campaign, calling for NHS organisations to consider appointing a chief clinical information officer to champion IT projects and the use of information. The CCIO group explores the new role and how CCIOs can be developed in the health service.
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Campaign endorsements
...which is often quoted, but is very true of the situation we find ourselves in the NHS. A CCIO role will help grow the clinical engagemen...
brumtaffy    15 July 2013

Data is the new currency. We need the right expertise to mine, refine and transform data into knowledge that fuels innovation and informs cl...
S_Amani    18 May 2013

As a College we recognise the significant role of information and communications technology (ICT) in patient care. Pathologists are also at ...
ccccc    11 October 2012

Interpretation of outcomes, documentation of activity and sequencing clinical interventions in the same patient, all require accurate and co...
ccccc    06 July 2012

Clinical leadership of IT is essential to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past and bring healthcare IT into the 21st century....
freddy4th    10 May 2012

Delighted to see this campaign receive the level of support it so richly deserves from so many of the Royal Colleges and other professional ...
DrBrendanOBrien    13 April 2012

We at Citadel Events believe that involvement and ownership is key to successful projects. As a recognised leader in the organisation and ma...
ccccc    16 March 2012

Large scale IT projects continue to fail to realise their full potential and return on investment more often than not because clinicians and...
icarr@aperio.com    14 March 2012

Patient outcomes are being dramatically improved around the world through the effective use of clinical information systems; linking and ana...
ccccc    13 March 2012

Without the right information, it is impossible to assess progress on improving outcomes, identify the interventions which will really make ...
ccccc    07 March 2012

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What is the EHI CCIO campaign?

The CCIO Leaders Network has been established to promote and develop chief clinical information officers across the NHS. The network is being developed in partnership with the Royal College of Physicians, British Computer Society and the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management. It has been made possible thanks to the support of its network sponsors Cerner, Harris, InterSystems and SystemC.

The CCIO vision and 12 point plan, launched on 20 January 2014, details how CCIOs can help to deliver an improved health service through a clinically led information agenda. The CCIO Leaders Network also delivers an extensive programme of events with its partners, culminating in the CCIO Leaders Network Annual Conference at EHI Live at the NEC in Birmingham in November.

Sign-up to receive information about forthcoming events or join the CCIO Forum to contribute to discussions on clinical leadership, best practice and the professional development pathway for future CCIOs.

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RT @TheDigiDoc: @EHICCIOCampaign We discuss #caredata + how NHS Wales is doing it differently w/ #CCIO Wales @MartinMurphy001 t.co/S…
6 days 15 hours 15 minutes ago

How can IT be used to support improved working practices & extended hours in radiology? #PACS2014 t.co/URTVFHaAYO @EHICCIOCampaign
6 days 16 hours 30 minutes ago

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